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3D contact vs solidbody contact?

Question asked by Kevin Spradley on Nov 3, 2010

hello all,

I am new to motion analysis and thought I was on the right track with my model but after some changes, the simulation refuses to run.  I have noticed in several examples that the contacts are 3Dcontact whereas in mine the contacts are solidbodycontact.  I am still getting penetration on most of the parts in my simulation.


i basically have a pellet shaped device that needs to drop into a receptacle with sloped edges.  I want the pellet to hit the slope and slide into the receptacle as it will in the real world.  I do not know where I am going wrong.  I will try to attach the model but there are around 100 parts which I have suppressed the screws washers, etc.


What is the difference in 3Dcontact and soldbodycontact?