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    Change material parameter in design study

    James Hutchins

      I'm trying to set up a design study that changes the material property.  I've found that I can add a "Material" parameter, then select "Tensile/Compressive Strength".  My problem is that I only want to vary the tensile strength, while leaving the compressive strength constant.  I don't want them to be the same value.


      I have 2 custom materials defined, and when I run the studies separately I'm getting expected results.  What would be ideal is a parameter that just switched from one custom defined material to another, but I'm not finding a way to do this.


      Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

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          Ryan Werner

          Hi James,


          I see your problem.  I think it would be a nice addition to be able to add the actual material of the part as a parameter.  However, setting up two studies to accomplish the same thing is probably just as easy.  You can set up your first study with whatever material you want, make sure it meshes and solves and then duplicate that study and just change the material and rerun.  If in the future you make any changes to the model than you can use the run all studies feature to automatically rerun both (or as many as you have set up) your studies with the different materials which would very similar to what a parameter would be like anyway.


          Ryan W.