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Louver not removing face properly

Question asked by Darren Queen on Nov 1, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by Darren Queen

In SW 2010 when I would insert a louver, it worked properly and left me with an open bottom louver exactly the way it was supposed to, as you can see below.




Since I have upgraded to SW 2011 I am unable to properly insert louvers. The louver will insert but only if there are no faces assigned, which leaves me with a dent and not an open louver as seen below.



Once I assign the stopping face and the face to remove, it starts telling me on insertion that "This feature will create disjoint bodies. Multiple sheetmetal bodies are not supported."


If I open a part from 2010 that already had louvers, they look fine, but if I try adding more using the exact same forming tool used previously, I get the aforementioned error, until I delete the forming tool assignment from the louver file. That brings me back to the bottoms not being properly open. Is this a bug perhaps? A change in the way the program handles forming tools/sheet metal? Im stumped.