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Sketching hole sizes (free fit, close fit)

Question asked by Chris Manger on Nov 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Scott Harvey

Ive been using SolidWorks for years and whenever I need to create a hole I usually use the Simple Hole feature or sketch and type in the value.  Its become habit and its quick enough that I dont think about it.  The other day I had to create a hole for a odd bolt size I havent used in awhile, I had to look up the standard "free fit" dimension in the Machinist Handbook.  Rather than typing these dimensions each time I have to create a hole, would using the Design Library and saving each hole as a block be the most efficient way to handle this?  I dont see any "Favorites" option in the Simple Hole feature, nor does it do square holes for carriage head bolts.


This is something very common, just curious what other people do.