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    Working with Inventor files in SW EPDM

    Barry Stump

      We have a lgacy Inventor system and we need to oput all the Inventor 2009 files in SW EPDM.  Is there anyone out there doing this?  If so I would like to chat with you about the issues and best practices.  Ultimetly we wish to oport all Inventor file to SW but for now we must maintain them nativly.

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          Jeff Sweeney

          It actually is a rather easy migration compared to other CAD formats.


          I assume the files are in Inventor Vault? If you are looking for a quick and dirty way. Use Inventor Vault's "Pack and Go" command, put the files in a location outside of both vaults, then drag and drop into EPDM --relying on EPDM's ability to rebuild the parent child relationships and reading the iProperties.


          If the files are not in any kind of vault, then regular drag and drop often does what you need.


          If you need to bring in previous versions, or the files are in another type of PDM system you may need to write some code to make the magic happen. I or any other service provider can certainly help you.