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Weldment Part Details

Question asked by Aaron Bryant on Oct 30, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2010 by Lorne Henderson

I am looking for a way to link some text in a weldment to the cut list item number?  For example, when detailing a particular part from a weldment I have created a note favorite that when linked to a particular detail will populate the scale of the detail automatically.  However, I would like it to link to the cut list item number as well.  Right now I make a balloon with the item number and link that to the description.  That works as long ans nothing ever changes the cut list item number.  However, often we use an existing weldment, save as a copy, and modify it in some way for another part.  Often this may include different materials, more or less parts, etc.  In that case the cut list item number for a particular part in the multibody weldment may change. Some of these that we use may have in excess of 75 different parts in a single weldment.  You can imagine the potential for mistakes and the time it consumes to re-check the details all the time?  To add to the potential for mistakes, we may have the same weldment being worked on in Texas, Canada, Singapore and the UK through PDM.  I would like to create a template for a note someway that all of us will use so that the consistency will be there and to try to save some time and screw ups on these,


I have attached a screen shot of one part in a weldmnent.  In the note, as I described above, the scale detail is easily linked to particular view.  The balloon that you see is how I like it to look.  However, I have only been able to get the item detail and qty in the note by place a balloon first to the part and then "clicking" the balloon inside the note window.  This is OK as long as the item number and/or qty never changes.  I have looked through every property that I can find for linking a note or annotation and cannot find anywhere to link the item number and qty.


Please forgive the long worded message but I hope that someone knows how I can set this up.