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Question asked by John Sutherland on Oct 29, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2010 by John Sutherland

After 2 years of bashing the mouse in Motion Analysis, or whatever they call it now, I have concluded that the precursors of failure are, in sequence of commital:-


1)     Inelegantly modelled solids.  There is no single rule for elegantly modelling solids.


2)     Inelegant mates.  There is no single rule for elegantly specifying mates.


3)     Sub optimal motion property settings.  There is no single rule for determining optimal settings.


You know you have done something elegantly when the person looking at your work says "Why didn't I think of that!"


The best move I made to advance my project was to spend my SW Premium subscription instead, on an industrial colour laser printer which boosted my productivity and presentation by several orders of magnitude more than an upgrade to SW would have.  Specifically it enabled effortless (compared to the old ink jet) screen capture of consequtive incremental runs to paper for red pen annotation, and comparison.