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Solidworks Simulation vs Simulation Express

Question asked by Glenn Parks on Oct 29, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2010 by Ryan Werner

We are new to using Solidworks Premium and have run into something that we cannot explain. We were designing a spring arm using Solidworks Simulation to develop a geometry that gave us a specific deflection based on a defined load. Once the design was created we then ran an ANSYS analysis and found that the ANSYS FEA program showed a deflection magnitude that was ten times greater than in the Solidworks Simulation analysis. While trying to find the cause of this deviation we found that running an analysis using Simulation Express gave us a deflection that was basically identical to what was found using the ANSY program. We have repeatedly run the analysis using both the Simulation Express option and the Simulation option with the same results. As near as we can find everything is the same except for which program is being used. The Simulation Express result for deflection is greater than the Simulation result by a factor of ten. Has anyone else run into this situation, or have any idea of what may be causing this?


We have also found that running Simulation creates a folder for the new study but the program does not place the analysis files into the folder created?