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    Renaming of models and drawings

    Jay Johnson

      Okay...I made the mistake of creating a model and drawing using the wrong file name. We use a system where our drawing are spelled out as so...G1xxxx, G2xxxx, G3xxxx...where 1, 2 or 3 signified the size of our drawing 1=A, 2=B, 3=C. I created a model with the mindset that it was going to me on a B sized drawing. So it is G2xxxx. Afterward I decided it would fit better on a C sized Border. So, now my numbering is incorrect. Is there a way I rename my files and still maintain the relationship between the model and drawing? 

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          Scott McFadden


          I would use either Solidworks Explorer or RC on the file in Windows explorer

          and you will see a Solidworks icon and undwer that selection is a rename

          function that brings up an icon like the one in Solidworks Explorer.



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            Wayne Tiffany

            Or, if you have the drawing open, open the model and save the model file as the new name.  Then save the drawing.  This will change the drawing reference to the newly named model file.  But don't forget to go out and delete the old named model file as the Save As creates a copy, not renames the original.



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              Charles Culp

              Sure, just have the model open, as well as any drawings or assemblies that use it. Then just File>Save As... and save it.  Then resave the assemblies and drawings and they will reference the new part number.

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                Daniel Melendez

                Hi Jay if it's simply one model tied to one drawing. The method described here should work fine. Otherwise I would recommend the pack-n-go command. Plus if this is one model referenced by one drawing it would be a great chance to learn the pack-n-go command. Thanks, Daniel


                P.S. again either route you take you'll have to remember to delete the model and drawing with the incorrect name afterwards.

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                    Jay Johnson

                    What about moving files? I generally create drawings in one location and then when they get final approval I move them into a released folder. Does moving files lose the relationships that are present?

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                        Jeremy Feist

                        Moving a "top" level file does not harm references. each file store the path to all of the files it references, but no info on which files reference it. so if you move the drawing it will still find the model, unless you move that to a different folder.

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                          Scott McFadden

                          No Jay, moving them does not harm the pathing.  I do it all the time.  The pathing of the files

                          is stored internally to the files themselves.

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                              Jay Johnson

                              Well, I got my models and drawings renamed. But what happened was that when I opened the drawings, SolidWorks asked me to locate the models it was referencing. I had 4 sheets in my drawing.


                              Sheet 1 = Final Assembly Drawing

                              Sheet 2 = Det 01

                              Sheet 3 = Det 02

                              Sheet 4 = Det 03


                              So I had to tell SolidWorks where the referenced models were because I changed their names in SolidWorks Explorer. But in any case, It's done.

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                                  Scott McFadden


                                  Did you end up using Solidworks Explorer?

                                  If you did, it should have found the drawing and listed it as an affected

                                  file for the file (part/assy) being renamed.

                                  I am glad you figured it out.

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                                      Jay Johnson

                                      I did use SolidWorks Explorer but I had to manually locate the renamed models when I opened the .slddrw files. 

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                                          Scott McFadden

                                          Ok, then there had to be a break down in the link between the part and drawing.

                                          Never the less you figured it out.

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                                              Andy Milne

                                              I find it quite confusing at times!

                                              Take this scenario.

                                              I have a part with it's associated drawing and I have to update it. There appear to be several different ways to to do this so I make copies of the part and give them different suffixes to differentiate them. I then decide on one of the variants and have to link it to the oringinal drawing so that I have all the drawing history and don't have to dimension it all from scratch.

                                              This is what I do

                                              1-  Do a "Pack and go" of the original drawing/part so that these are saved. I actually do this whenever I finalise a part/drawing.

                                              2 - Do a save as next version of the drawing

                                              3 - Open the part from the drawing

                                              4 - Save the part as the next version so that drawing and part are in sync.

                                              5 - Close both files

                                              6 - Open the desired modified part then save it as the next version (overwrite the file you just saved in 4) then close it.

                                              7 - Then open the drawing (next version as saved in 2)

                                              8 - Open the part from the drawing.


                                              The trouble comes when the part is in 1 or more assemblies also as you have to have these assemblies open when you save your part so it get complicated for my poor little brain.


                                              Assemblies are another thing to confuse me.

                                              If I do a "Pack and Go" then it makes copies of all my Library components. I can't replace them with the originals as it won't let me replace them with components of the same name from another directory. It would be nice to have an option to leave or pack your library files.


                                              So having confused myself once again I will take my leave.


                                              Andy in Devon England

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                                      Paul Marsman

                                      you can move and rename drawings all day long since nothing looks to a drawing.... However, moving a model/assembly and/or renaming them does require the drawings and parts referencing those files to be updated.


                                      FYI: I will always rename my files with the RMB (Right Mouse Button) -> Rename option Scott showed here.


                                      Depending on how you store your files together depends on what you can get away with.  If you store your model/assembly along with the drawings all in one folder then you can move all of them together without issues.  But if you have a drawing directory seperate from your referenced models and assemblies then you should use Pack-n-Go or the "Open everything and save-as" methods