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Weldment question?

Question asked by robert dattilo on Oct 27, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2010 by Deepak Gupta


     I'm trying to work on the weldment tutorials from the SW help. I have two questions; in the tutorial the weldment symbols that they show have

a triangle on both sides of the line, but only one 3 for the size of the fillet. In my drawing the 3 is on both sides of the line, which seems a bit

redundant if it's the same size on both sides. When I attempt to edit the symbol, most of the options seem to be greyed out.

    Does anyone know how to remove the redundant 3 on the bottom?

    Also in my drawing even though I inserted the model items, only two of the four fillet identifiers show up. This might just be my home computer's graphic card,

which isn't too good, but I don't know. I'm wondering if the others show up on other computers, or if maybe there is another problem or control, or setting I'm

not aware of. 


   Thks, in advance for any & all input;

         rob_d (2010 sp4.0)