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    Weldment question?

    robert dattilo


           I'm trying to work on the weldment tutorials from the SW help. I have two questions; in the tutorial the weldment symbols that they show have

      a triangle on both sides of the line, but only one 3 for the size of the fillet. In my drawing the 3 is on both sides of the line, which seems a bit

      redundant if it's the same size on both sides. When I attempt to edit the symbol, most of the options seem to be greyed out.

          Does anyone know how to remove the redundant 3 on the bottom?

          Also in my drawing even though I inserted the model items, only two of the four fillet identifiers show up. This might just be my home computer's graphic card,

      which isn't too good, but I don't know. I'm wondering if the others show up on other computers, or if maybe there is another problem or control, or setting I'm

      not aware of. 


         Thks, in advance for any & all input;

               rob_d (2010 sp4.0)