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Patterning holes with an option to propagate to part?

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Oct 27, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by Bjorn Hulman

Imagine I have a large (square-ish) galvanized bolt together has many seams that run its entire length and need a consistent bolt pattern. SW has lots of nice options to add in bolts/holes in at the assembly level and propagate to the part level, but you think they would give you an option to add in a linear pattern...after all bolts usually exist in patterns.


Basically what I am looking for is a feature that (at the assembly level) allows me to sketch a circle somewhere on a sheet, pattern that circle along a seam (and several sheets), cut that pattern and propagate it to all affected parts.


Options I have looked at:


Hole wizard - allows you to create either a 2d or 3d sketch to specify points where your holes will exist. It is impossible to make a pattern within a 3d sketch which renders that option useless unless I want to dimension 1000 points in a 3d sketch. For some odd reason the 2d sketch seems like it should have the functionality I need and works fine up until I add in a linear sketch pattern. As soon as that happens the propagated feature at the part level starts producing errors and it seems like the derived sketch is empty.


Extruded cut at the assembly level - same thing as the hole wizard.


Converting sketch entities to each part individually - far too tedius


Does anyone have any idea if this basic concept has been incorporated into some hidden feature I am not finding?