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    File not found in enterprise


      I have been creating a series of O-Rings and drawings for them. The parts and drawings check in and check out of our Enterprise vault with no problems.  When a user tried to put them into an assembly, they assemble OK, the drawing looks ok, Checks in ok.  Then a different  user tries to open the assembly the error message is "file not found in enterprise" or something like that. This is for the O-Ring only.   The assembly file does not show  the O-Ring in the list of parts to be checked out? 


      Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


      Is there a way to have a part that is in the vault,  in an assembly, but not recognised by Solidworks PDM?



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          Corey Vantilborg



             I see two immediate issues that could cause this.


             1)The most obvious problem is a permission issue, does the second user who is having the problem have exactly the same permissions as the first user? If not that is where I would check.


             2)Solidworks and Enterprise each have a reference list for a particular assembly, these lists should be identical but there are a few circumstances where they are not. Depending on the order your checked in the assembly its possible that the Enterprise doesn't know that the o-Ring is required for that assembly.  This problem is not always obvious because if someone has used the o-ring in a different assembly when they open the problem assembly it will work because the o-ring is already in the Vault.


             I would guess the first problem is far more likely.



          Corey V