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    Creating a table of contents.

    Shan Lentine

      I am creating a drawing that has numerous pages.  I was wondering if I could create links to properties of individual sheets in a table on sheet 1 that would update as sheets were deleted or inserted?  Here is an example of what I imagine the table would ideally act.


      On sheet 1 of a 3 sheet drawing (I use 3 sheets for simplicity, I actually have over 20 right now) I have a table with 3 rows.  They are named "introduction", "middle", and "end" respectively.  Right after sheet "middle", I insert sheet "middle2".  The table on sheet "introduction" now has 4 rows.  Rows 1 and 2 remain unchanged while row three has the sheet number blank (or error) until I set up the property link and row four shows sheet "end" as page 4.


      I don't have to have the table rows automatically add, it would just be a nice thing.  What I do really want is the feature in the example above where sheet "end" changes from page 3 to page 4 (out of 4) upon insert of another sheet.


      Anyone have any ideas?



      SW 2010   SP 4.0.