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Tangent Edge selection in drawing

Question asked by Allan Frost on Oct 26, 2010
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I have got some steel frames that I have drawn up using weldments that I am trying to smart dimension in a drawing. The RHS on the frame has radiuses on the edges and every time I try and dimension to the edge of the frame on a drawing view with hidden lines removed, invariably I end up selecting the tangent edge of the tube (where the radius finishes) . For instance if the structrural member has 4mm radius to the edges, unless I zoom in and double check I end up with half dimensions that are 4 mm out!


I have hidden tangent edge display and, but the tangent edges still dynamic highlight. Is there a way of filtering so that just the solid edges are selectable? This would save a lot time not having to constantly zoom in and out each time I place a dimension - even using the magnifying glass.


Thank you in advance


Allan Frost