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Photoview 360 is the future?

Question asked by Ryan Petersen on Oct 25, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2010 by Kalle Jonasson

Can someone point me to a thread or discussion on why this is better than photoworks?  I know many people did not like Photoworks, but I can't figure out why this has replaced it.


How do i actually get a preview?  When clicking integrated preview the model just flashes white, never renders.  The preview window works but is in my way.


The decals I have applied just disappeared.  They were there for the first five minutes, previewing nicely, then after changing the a bg color, they are blank white.


I can't figure out how to adjust shadows like photoworks, these shadows aren't working for me.


How do I get glass and clear plastic to render correctly and not appear black?  I feel like I need to adjusting the number of refractions, but where?



Unfortunately 50% of my work is rendering, customers love it, and we are saving time and money by eliminating some sampling/prototyping stages.  Im am pretty good at photoworks, I haven't had a model I couldn't render nicely, exactly the way I want.  With PV360 I can't come anywhere near replicating what I did before.