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    Column set for specific file types

    Richard Rueger

      Is there a way to create a column set for specific file types. For example I am trying to create a search card so that individuals can search for drawing files. I want to keep it simply for them so I only want it to show the drawing files and none of the model files. These users don't need to see the actually assembly or part files.


      Thank you

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          Jeff Sweeney

          I'm a little confused by your question.


          You may define what column set is used by a search...so if you had several searches each with their own column sets that certainly would work.


          If you are looking for a way to filter out certain file types, you can set your controls to have defaults. So perhaps the file name could have "*.slddrw" as a default thus filtering out everything except drawing files?

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              Joel Magnuson

              To create searches that have default values, you need to create the search card and leave it blank (no default values in search cards until EPDM 2011).  Then, find the search, put in some values and save it as a favorite, then make that favorite available to the people who need it.


              Tip: One way to prevent people from accessing the default values is to create a second tab in the search card and give it a short name.  Put the variable in this tab that you want to filter by.  Create the favorite with the default value in the second tab and go back and modify the search card and remove the tab name so it's blank (make sure you leave a blank line or the tab will get deleted).  Then, the tab will disappear, but the value will still remain.