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    GeoStar .Geo File Format

    Cale Summach

      Hello All,


      I have been searching, in vain, for documentation on the GEO file format.  I am wondering if anyone knows of a source for this information.


      Specifically I need to know about the lines of text which define displacement.


      It seems as though the website, www.cosmosm.com, has been replaced or taken down.





      Cale Summach

        • Re: GeoStar .Geo File Format
          Anthony Botting

          Hi Cale: It is just ASCII format. You can open it in notepad or word (i usually append a *.txt to the end of a copy of a *.geo file just to open it and read it).

          For displacement command syntax: if you run a menu command: "Loads/structural/displacement/define by node" using the mouse, a dialog will open and show you the command syntax, and, the command interpreter will list the command input that you just "clicked".  From what I recall, the syntax for defining displacement on a node is something like: "DND,<beginning node number>,<displacement component>,<value>,<ending node number>,<node number increment>, <optional displacement components>". There is also a Help button on each menu that lists the synatax. If you need a PDF of all commands, I am fairly certain you can still get that, but you'd have to contact your VAR and ask them to send it to you. Hope that helps.