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Does 2011 still dimension to edges that arent there?

Question asked by Mike Hattingh on Oct 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2010 by Don Vanzile

Okay, okay, its been a long long wait, but the day has dawned bright and clear (I hope) and SW2011 is here, and before I take the plunge, can some bold, entrepreneur enlighten me if my patience has not been in vain.......

  1. Do dimensions still snap to tangent edges that are hidden in drawings? see        When dimensioning SW keeps selecting edges that are there!
  2. Do mates still reverse themselves? Like, when you save and close an assy fully solved, and then open it later and it is a mess of red and yellow errors?


I'm waiting with baited (i.e. very smelly) breath.