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Anyone exporting pcf files? using I-Run to process?

Question asked by Trent Westbrook on Oct 23, 2010

Is anyone using SolidWorks routing to actually generate single line Piping Isometrics using the 'Export pipe/tube Data' function?


I have had no luck with being able to export a usable pcf file from SolidWorks for I-Run to process. -Elbows export different data than other fittings, -Valves or components in a routed sub-assembly do not export (SPR-577356).  So we are looking at other options.


What are other people using to generate construction documents from their routed assemblies?  Our best plan so far is to simply create an orthographic drawing of each pipe route with a BOM, but even that requires a fair amount of manual touch up and detailing per line, and the man hours required add up quickly at 2000+ lines.  Ideally we would be sending the construction documents/files to a pipe fabricator to build off site, so the less standard the drawings the more the fabricators will want to charge.