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Looking for some basic (hopefully) surfacing help...

Question asked by Rodger Lyle on Oct 22, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2010 by Matthew Perez

So I have a model of a vent, based on imported geometry.


I was able to use "Delete Face" in several instances, as well as a few Surface Extends to fix up most of the surfaces. However , if you look at the attached file and unsuppress Delete Face 58, you'll see the area that's giving me trouble. I basically just want to delete all of those faces, and then fill in that area, preferably with an end result of just having one face along the entire mounting surface. I've also created 2 3D sketches that outline the border for the area to be filled in. Any help in filling the void would be greatly appreciated.


I'm fairly new to surfacing, so if you have any other pointers, feel free to fire away.


Thank you,