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Working with manual time steps and Freezing

Question asked by Ron Reiners on Oct 22, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2010 by Ron Reiners

I have a question on how manual time steps works along with freezing.


I am running thermal models for specific periods of time. As I am relatively new to Flow I am still in the learning curve. I have been experimenting with the freezing command in order to speed up the processing time required. I have found by adjusting the Freeze/Thaw ratio and setting the manual time steps of the freeze cycle I can get results much closer to the non-freezing results. One thing that I noticed was it appears Flow is overriding my manual step time on some iterations. I have the manual step time set to 2 seconds but it appear that at times Flow changes it back to the automatic setting level and then returns it back to my manual step times. Is this correct and can anyone explain why and when it does this over ride. See attached image.


Thanks, Ron