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    Best format for SW to Inventor?

    Don Eva

      A friend has a SW file (probably V10) he'd like me to convert to something he can read in Inventor.


      Any thoughts on what's the best format to export?  I know Inventor can read IGES, but my guess is that one of the other formats will give better results.



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          Deepak Gupta

          Parasolid or Step should be good too. Why don't you give him in 2-3 different formats and let him decide which is best. Also give him an e-drawing or some snap shots so that he can compare the geometries (in case if something is missed)

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            Jerry Steiger



            ACIS is liable to be the best format to Inventor, as they started out based on the ACIS code. (They developed it on their own starting a couple of years ago, so it is no longer quite kosher ACIS.)


            Personally, when sending SW files to a new contact, I use the shotgun approach. Try them all. See which works best. Of course, what works best on one particular file may not work best on the next one...


            Jerry Steiger