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Vault not showing in "locate missing file" window...

Question asked by Justin Roskowske on Oct 22, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2010 by Devon Sowell

We had some parts that contained errors and the only way I could see to get the problem fixed was to delete them and insert new ones into the vault.  These parts were also used in other assemblies, which I saw as no big deal as it's easy to relink the files.  I just upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit from Windows XP 32...  When SolidWorks was unable to locate a file before it would open the window that allows you to browse to the file and in that window you had direct access to the vault.  Now, that is not there.  If the file is not currently on your desktop, you cannot locate it and must ignore then search the vault and open the file on it's own and unsuppress the instances of it in your assembly.


Does anybody know how to get the vault to show in this "locate missing file" window?