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    Installation Problems

      I am having problems with getting SolidWorks itself to install to my computer. I am able to fully download the installation manager but when it comes to installing SolidWorks, it fails usually within the first 10%.

      Is there any way to fix this problem?

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          Timothy Holman

          Are you using a Lenovo laptop windows 7 x64 with nVidia graphics card? There is a known issue with the driver that comes on the computer that could prevent installation. Oh and also be careful posting your im logs online because your serial number is in there.  If i wanted to I could use it to activate SW on my computer unsing up one of your activations.


          I saw a return vaule 3 in the IM log


          "CustomAction set_QuiteModeActions returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)"
          22:52:04    Error    Status    0    "Action ended 22:51:57: set_QuiteModeActions. Return value 3."
          22:52:04    Error    Status    0    "Action ended 22:51:57: INSTALL. Return value 3."


          I looked up set_QuiteModeActions in the knowledge base and there was only one mention relating to the graphics card driver.

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            Stuart Moore

            I have had a similar problem which was caused by my antivirus software.  Have you turned off AV?

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              Ramd Amnt

              I am having a similar problem, but the installation manager window pops up all buttons are functional except the Back, Help and Next buttons to install. The cursor changes over the button but I cannot depress them. Does anyone have any input? I am thinking this may be a problem with the script or a requirement to run the installer. I am on windows 7 x64, i7 processor, 6 gb ram 

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                Jack Wang

                I met a similar situation. A dell PC, has two type display cards, one is integrated and other is ATI Redeon series. I probihited the integrated display card. Then installation is OK.

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                  Neha Mardi

                  set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks  as 1 and then install again

                  worked for me