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Flow sim. crash sensitivity to the number of cell

Question asked by Jere Fabritius on Oct 21, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2010 by David Paulson



We are using Flow sim and SW 2009 sp 5 with WIN xp 64. Resently, flow sim. has started to crash after reaching a certain limit of cell, for ex. 250 000 fuild cells. This seem to happen in every flow sim study and in every model. Some times it crashes even with rough cell meshes, cell count only a couple of thousand. We've tried everything short of complete WIN xp reinstall, nothing seems to work. There is no change if you use network drives or the drive in the computer, closing all programs does not help. I found an older post decribing a same kind of problem, but the fixes offered there did not seem very practical. So my questions are: Are any of you experiensing the same problem and is there a fix to this or is it just something that were are supposed to live with?


PS. Mayby it's the old Soviet mathematics behind it all...   :-)