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disappearing wires

Question asked by perry leets on Oct 20, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2010 by Jay Tuttle

I am working on a small (for the time being) harness assembly which consists of one large bundle of wires coming off one D-sub connector which splits 4 ways to 4 other connectors. Even got it to generate off a from-to list. Problem is I need to go back and and splice into one of the smaller 4 legs and run a wire from it to a 5th connector. As soon as I split the route, all the wires in the harness that go through that segment are broken and I have to go back and select each wire in the list and re-associate it with the correct route segments. Totally unacceptable. In some cases, the wires disappear from the route alltogether. Whats even stranger is that if I start a whole new harness assembly withing the model, drop in a few connectors and start autoroute, I can split this new route without any problems. I'm including a couple pics I hope will explain. Does anyone know whats going on here ???????