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    IGES import problem

      Hello to everyone!

      It's the first time I write in this forum so  sorry for the basic questions (and for the English mistakes, I'm italian) , I've  tried to find a solution by myself without solution.

      I have a quite big iges file (created by pro-e) but when import it the  result is not so good, it miss a lot of things. I have tried with an  evaluation licence of Rhinocers and it translates it very well, I see all  parts and surfaces!!!! Why SW can't do it!!

      I've tried to change options in SW: increase the tollerance but no  change, unflag the "try to make the solid" but no change!! I've tried all  the flag on and off all the options.... but the result doesn't change! Does it works??? I would happy  also to have surface but I can do it?



      Anyone can give me some tips?



      Thanks in advance

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          maurice bellando

          Hi Giovanni-

          I always have problems importing IGES files. Ask your supplier to give you the same file in different formats - STEP, Parasolid and native Pro-E. SWorks can open each of these filetypes.

          Also, if you can open and see the geometry in Rhinoceros, then save the file from Rhinoceros in IGES, STEP and Parasolid formats and try to open these with SWorks. You'll have to use your 'free saves' in Rhino if you only have an evaluation copy.

          Good luck


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              Thanks Maurice,

              I've just asked for other versions, and I'll try with Rhinoceros way,  but I'm very upset that I have to use a another software (that cost 10  time less!!) to solve a problem that my SW should have to do!!!  ... or at least give me the options to do it a better way.

              Thanks anyway


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              Hi Giovanni,


              The iges translation is only as good as how it was exported. I would first ask for the native ProE file and open then natively in SW (using Brep option.) Second, ask if they are using the default tolerance setting in ProE. If they are not, this is often the root of the problem. Also, just because it comes into SW with import errors, does not mean that it can not be fixed using import diagnostics. For companies that do translation between ProE and SW, they don't seem to have much trouble, so I'm interested in what your particular problem/s is?  If you can post an example file, I'd be curious what we can see. If it is an NDA issue, please submit to your VAR and get it into development to understand and possibly fix.