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Replication settings in EPDM, is this setup good or bad?

Question asked by Dennis Hvam on Oct 20, 2010
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Apparently this is too much to ask from our VAR so I hoped that some of you guys might know

Our EPDM system consists of 1 database server and 7 site located archive servers, everything is copied to our archive and database server during the day time.
Our IT department is far from fond of this due to the traffic it causes.

Our VAR took care of all the setup of the replicating schema etc.

All our servers are copying all files to each other and to the main server, my setup would look like this:


All 7 servers copy their new files to the main server (NOT at exactly the same time) but over a period of 2-3 hours. And our main server will then copy the new files from each server to the servers where the files are not yet copied to. E.g.:


Fileserver A and B each has 100 new part added during the day.
Server A and B copies their files to our main server and our main server copies the files from server A to B and vice versa.


As far as I can tell there would be nothing wrong with this setup, but I would like to be sure before I make the change, and our VAR will not answer this question (Because its apparently their setup and if they have to change it they charge us for it)


I know how to set it up I just don’t know if this setup would be good or not.


I'm open for any suggestions


In advance thanks!