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rolling a flat sheet to a tightly wrapped tube then partial unwrapping to a final tube

Question asked by van tran on Oct 18, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by Shravankumar Rajbhar


Could someone please help with my question: I need an animation showing a flat sheet being rolled to a tube that is tightly wrapped and then this tube is slowly partial  unwraped to a final shape, which is also a tube that has 5% overlap on the edges.


So I know how to do first step using sheet metal feature: Initial shape is flat, then it  is rolling onto itself, tightly wrap (just like we roll up a piece of  paper).

I do not know this: from this tight wrap, the tube slowly unfolds to a tube with only  about 5% overlap on the edges.


I  was thinking using the sheet metal feature do to it. But I do not  know how to get from a tightly wrapped tube to the last step  (5% overlap tube). Do you guys think that can be done?


If these steps can be done separately, I think I can make a movie out of it.


Please help.