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Soliworks Cleanup Tool for a New Installation of SW2011

Question asked by Steven Williams on Oct 18, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2010 by Michael Lord

With the SP0 of 2011 out today I want start getting ready for the upgrade.  We usually wait for SP1 just to get any major bugs worked out.  We currenlty have 2010 SP4 64 bit and I want to do a clean install of 2011.  Problem is just a windows uninstall of 2010 does not get rid of every solidworks file or registry entry.  I have to think that all these little glitches that are machine specific are from files from a previous SW install left on the machine causing campatability issuses.  Rather than manually on each machine going around and deleting all things SW is there any sort of SW cleanup tool that will do this for me?  Why can't uninstall do this?