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Error on License Check out

Question asked by Hugh Webster on Oct 18, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2010 by Alex Cassie

Sorry if this is the wrong place to submit this discussion, if so please direct me to the correct place. Anyway, I work for a state university that supports Solidworks for some of our faculty and students. We recently upgraded our dedicated solidworks box from 2009 SP4.1 to 2010 SP2. Everything works on campus however some students are having trouble checking out a license over our VPN from home.


When they are in the license manager, they can see a list of available licenses, who is currently checking out a license, etc. However when they go to borrow a Solidworks Premium or Standard license, some users get this error: Cannot find license file (-1,359,2).


I have some some searching on this forum but hardly anyone has really documented this error. If there is anyone who can give some insight into what this error might mean, that would be greatly appreciated. We are running SW 2010 server on Windows server 2008.