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macro for creating curves reading coordinates from textpad

Question asked by 1-TZIS6F on Oct 18, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by Carlos Guevara

Hi experts,

I am a rather very new user to solidworks API interface. Before doing a complex geometry, I thought I should try doing something really simple.


I have x,y,z coordinates in a text file. I wanted to import them into SW and use "curve through XYZ points". Ofcourse with GUI everything works.


Then I tried recording a macro for doing the same. I run the macro again after recording in a new part and it works well. I want this operation done 10 times with 10 different text files. Thats the whole point of writing a macro. But when I saw the macro that was first created, it has taken individual points and created a curve out of it. Is there anyway, I can get this done? Any suggestions appreciated.






PS: I have attached a few txt files which I would want to read in. Any tries or suggestions appreciated.