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Video Problem

Question asked by David Brissenden on Oct 15, 2010
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We have just bought a brand new Dell Precision workstation T1500 i5 Quad Core 2.67Ghz 6GB RAM.  It has a Nvidia Quadro FX 580 512MB and is running Windows 7 x64.


The problem is that when rotating assemblies, all the parts seem to 'block'.  Not sure how to describe it really but they just turn into simple square blocks whilst the assembly is being rotated and then return to their normal part shapes afterwards.


This seems very strange as another user is using a Dell Precision laptop Dual Core 2.20Ghz 3.5GB RAM with a Nvidia Quadro FX 1600M 512MB Windows XP x32 which doesn't do it.


As far as I can see, all the settings are the same and the drivers are upto date.  We are using SolidWorks 2006 SP5


Can anyone shed any light on this?