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Need some pointers on sketching a log. spiral in SW2008

Question asked by Troels Bertelsen on Oct 14, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by Nenad Simonovski

Hi all


I'm a 22 year old student who uses some spare time getting acquainted with using solidworks to tackle the design of speakers for later optimization. Please do note that i'm not very skilled so you may have to elaborate on your answers.


Well, the task at hand is to model a speaker with an interesting design, namely the B&W Nautilus as seen here:


What i'm trying to sketch is the bottom part which resembles the shape of a logarithmic spiral. I've then made a function in excel and extracted a couple hundred points to describe the curve and used the spline function to get a baseline. Now, to make a surface of the speaker enclosure, i want to draw a skeleton like seen here:


I've tried some of my ideas to do it, but haven't suceeded. I've tried using the curve as a guidecurve and made two  circles sketches as a profile for the loft-feature and a few others. It seems very very time consuming to do a sketch like the one above by defining points and creating planes for each, onto which to draw a circle and finaly use a surface feature to connect them. This is what i have in my initial design phase:




Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Best regards, from Denmark, Europe



PS: Can i use the final model to make a cut-extrude to make a primitive mould?