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    Section Name Failure

    Ed Burris

      ... ahh, this never-ending nonsense that they call a "drafting package"...  I've got two section views in this drawing, and I've modified the text of the section views, as they've been rotated and this needs to be in the name.  Unfortunately, SolidWorks has decided that I also wanted to change the name on the section line to "90<MOD" and 180<MOD"...  I had to use "Edit Text in Window" to change the text in the view names, as any changes made with the "Edit Text" option dissappear when you hit the check mark, just as they did in R2009 (thanx for getting on that, SW).  I've tried changing the section line names back to "C" and "B", but then I lose all the extra text I put in the view names.  When I put THAT text back, the name on the section line changes... Any thoughts?  Thanx.