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    Customizing Detail Titles?

    Andrew Barclay

      My company is transistioning from Autocad to Solidworks and we are working on making Solidworks drawings match our existing drafting standards.


      For the most part this has been reasonably straightforward, but I am stuck when it comes to customizing detail titles and callouts. As shown in the attached file, what I want to do is have a split circle on the detail callout, with the detail number in the top half and the sheet number in the bottom half (to keep track of details across sheets). I then want the detail title to have another split circle with the number and sheet, and then the ability to add a descriptive name to each detail.


      I've also attached an example of the closest I've managed to get in Solidworks. I haven't found a way to get it to show what sheet the detail is on.


      We would also like to be able to do a similar thing with section callouts and views.


      I'd appreciate any hints as to whether this is at all possible, and if so, how to go about making the changes.

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          Anna Wood

          Probably not going to get that.  I do not beleive you can customize how that text is shown for a detail circle.


          I hope I am wrong and someone corrects me....





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            Alan Stoldt



            I feel you pain, having been through the same thing myself.


            No way to get split circles that still use the connectivity built into SW.


            You can create blocks, but they will be dumb entities.







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              Tony Cantrell

              Under style use the circular split line.

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                  Alan Stoldt



                  In AutoCAD, certain companies required a Detail Callout Format.


                  The Split Balloon with a line extending from it.  Part Name above the line, additional information below the line.


                  The Upper Half of the split would have the Detail Number and the Lower Half the Assembly Sheet the part was first used on.


                  In an assembly, the Upper contained the Detail Number and the Lower the Sheet Number where the Detail was, well, detailed.


                  We had these set up as attributed blocks that one could insertthen fill in the information in a pop-up window.


                  When I first came over I attempted to recreate this without great success.


                  I could get the part information readily enough through using Custom Properties, but the Detail Number assigned to a Part by Solidworks (BOM Item Number) doesn't carry through back up the line to the Assembly or Part, or for that matter onto multiple sheets within a Drawing package.




                  From the OPs post, I assumed he was looking for more functionality then just a Split Balloon.


                  In the same manner that when I made the switch I assumed SW should be able to do what I thought it should be able to do. (carry the item number specific to the part.)

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                      Andrew Barclay

                      Thanks all. Sounds like we're stuck using blocks for now, but we're used to doing that in Autocad so it's no more of a hassle, just disappointing because having everything update itself would be very nice.

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                        Andrew Barclay

                        I've been trying to come up with something using blocks, and have got a few problems.


                        The attached screen shot shows a block on the left and on the right the same block exploded with the line length changed.


                        I can use the $PRP:"SW-View Name(View Name)" property in a note to easily display the detail name (ie D-1), but this doesn't seem to work when the note with that link is in a block - it just displays a crossed out box after rebuilding the drawing, even though it does work when I'm editing the block. Also, I haven't figured out a way to allow for resizing the line under the view title (either manually or automatically with constraints) other than editing the block, which of course changes all instances in the drawing.


                        Alternatively, I can leave the items (circle, line, and 4 notes) as independent items. The property links work, the line length is changed by click and drag (and is constrained so it only the right hand point moves horizontally). Unfortunately, moving the whole title assembly only seems to be possible by using the move command - click and drag only moves each item individually, or at best if I group the notes they move together and the circle and line stay fixed. I can live with this, but would rather find a way to make it a bit more foolproof so I don't end up with misaligned or missing titles. Additionally, I can't seem to add all these items to the design library (I gather it only lets you add a block).




                        1) Is there a way to modify length of a line in a block without actually editing the block?


                        2) Is there a way to constrain a note to sketch geometry?