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Decals in Configurations with Embedded P2D Files...

Question asked by Eric Brown on Oct 13, 2010

Hi all,


I did the following:


  • Made a nice simple JPG image (leaving some white) space using MS Paint.  I'm talking about just black text on a white background 
  • With PhotoWorks created a Decal and selected the white space in the JPG with the "medicine dropper" as the only transparency selection 
  • Applied it to a face of a multibody part that has 3 Configurations (which only differ by the width of a slot cut in the face with the Decal but away from the Decal itself.  I chose All Configurations in the Decal Property Sheet.  I used Label as the mapping method 
  • Chose to Embed the Decal (PhotoWorks Menu -> Options -> Document Properties -> Store PhotoWorks data...) 
  • Everything looked fine.  Saved the model and Checked it into the PDM vault 


Now, I got rid of the Decal file.  The model file is supposed to have the Decal embedded after all.  Now when I or anyone else opens the model, only the last Configuration saved when I created the model shows the Decal.  The other Configurations do not display the Decal.  Bad news, really reduced my confidence in the functionality.  I am open to workarounds but I'll say that I have tried to coax it by applying the Decal for each Configuration and lots of other things.  I find the Configuration area of the Decal Property Sheet silly and insulting if it doesn't work as expected.  I'd feel a little better if I could do some weird things to make it work.


I was at least able to extract a copy of the Decal from the one Configuration.  But that does not solve the problem.


I don't think it has anything to do with the part being multibody.


Has anybody else experienced this irritation?


SolidWorks 2010 SP4.0.


Thanks in advance.