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One directional property mapping of revision

Question asked by Kent Keller on Oct 13, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2010 by Kent Keller

Does anyone know how to prevent EPDM from mapping from the CAD document attributes/properties to the EPDM variable and yet retain the ability to map from EPDM variable to the CAD document attributes/properties,


Generally speaking, I can find no reason whatsoever for EPDM to read revision information from a CAD property and overwrite the EPDM defined revision structure.  If a user were to drag and drop an old file that was renamed to a new number, and forgot to clear the revision attribute, the new document variable "Revision" would be some bogus value and would no longer match the actual EPDM document revision structure.


This problem could be easily resolved by one direction mapping of certain variables that should ONLY be controlled by EPDM (database).  Other key variables that should ONLY be controlled by the database might include State, Workflow, checked out status, version number, etc.


Other variable would ONLY be contolled by the CAD document (i.e. Mass, material, length, modulus of elasticity, etc)


It seems to me that this is very fundamental, yet I can't seem to get EPDM to behave itself on this.


Any workarounds?  We need variable mapping to update title blocks, but the other way around (meaning from CAD to PDM) is nearly ALWAYS unacceptable.