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Copy a project, but preserve the version histories?

Question asked by 1-RS19QU on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2010 by Devon Sowell

This is one those questions that could be met with thunderous silence.  This is possibly because I'm the only engineer on the planet that would be crazy enough to volunteer to tackle this particular problem.


I have a large project containing multiple levels of nested subprojects constituting almost a thousand interelated parts and assemblies stored in PDM Workgroup.  The database needs to be 'cleaned up', meaning that all the part names need to be changed to prep for manufacturing (easy enough), and the revision scheme needs to be reset in accordance with the desire of QE (also easy enough).  Two complications arise.


1) The master assembly that I'll be pulling into the new naming system will have to consist of versions of the parts and assemblies that are a mix of current and earlier versions.


2)  I need to leave the old project untouched.


Making a copy of the project will copy all the latest versions of the parts, rename, and check them in at the lowest level of the revision scheme.  This is somewhat convenient, since it leaves me with half the goal which is entering the new part numbers at the lowest level of the new revision scheme.


Unfortunately, that means that I will have to manually go in for every file and assembly, check out the version of the part files that I want, and re-check them in as the latest version.  Then, go in and climb the assembly tree with updates.  Then copy the project, and then go back and delete the version I created to leave the original project as I found it.


It'd be much easier if I could just rollback all the files in the original project until I have a product that matches what I need, make a copy of the modified project, giving me zero-revision-level copies of the correct parts and assemblies (which I can then rename), and then somehow restore the original project.


Can I bring back a single project from a backup copy of the vault without undoing any changes I've made to other projects in the vault since I made the backup?  That way I can fold, spindle, and mutilate the original project as much as I want, make a copy which becomes my new 'manufacturing' project, then delete the original, and restore it -- and only it -- from a backup.  


How can I cheat the system to make it so I can just use the roll back function instead of making several hundred part and assembly changes, twice?


Thanks for any help you can provide.  Especially since I don't want to spend a week doing things the long way.