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General questions about PDM and usage

Question asked by Daniel Krempel on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2010 by Matthew Lorono



Our company has one or two seats of solidworks professional and were looking at workgroup PDM.


Our main issue is that we work off a network drive.  Saving and loading large files is a slow and recursive process.  Most all of us suffer from slow loads and saving.


With vault, it creates local copies on your computer drastically speeding up performance, yes?


Here are some other questions.


Can the other 3 seats of solidworks standard read projects and designs placed in the vault?

We have another person doing detailing, and a third doing CAM programming.

Can they change them? Save them?

They would need full access to the part files, assemblies, drawings as well.




I read about a lot of stability problems in relation to database size.


We add about 100-150 projects a year which include 5-30 custom parts, drawings, assembly and customer models (and translations to go with).  Over time would we have the same issues?


Would we still need seperate storage, folders for all the customer supplied data (imports), models, purchase part components, part library / database and so forth?  Each job has a customer provided model, information, translations.  Do those go in the vault?


We already have YEARS of projects and data that would go in the vault.  I read here on this forum thats an extremely tedious task.


Thanks in advance