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How do I save a .easm file in a different view using eDrawings Reader for Mac?

Question asked by 1-TWHGR0 on Oct 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2010 by 1-UR313M

Hi everyone,


Hope you can help me.  I'm a graphic designer currently putting together a catalogue for a client who uses Solidworks to generate 3D drawings of their products.  I've downloaded eDrawings Reader for Mac so I can open and manipulate these drawings.  The client has sent me a master file like this -




What I wanted to be able to do is rotate/pan the product to the correct angle for my needs, and resave it as a .easm file like this -



and send it back to the client so they can then export it as a .DWG file so it can be scaled and inserted into the catalogue layouts.


The problem is that when I select Save As > eDrawings Assembly Document the resulting file is exactly the same as the original file, with the original view.  I'm kinda wondering what the point of the Save As eDrawings Assembly Document option is, I may as well just make a copy of the original file!


I know you can save as a Photoshop file etc which is fine in most cases, but it produces a low resolution file and the clients want huge posters making up.  I need a scalable vector format ideally and this is the only way I can do it - the alternative is that I buy the full blown version of Solidworks, but it's a bit overkill as I'm not likely to use it apart from this project!


An ideas?  Am I missing something or is this how the eDrawings Viewer works?