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Project Lifecycle check - efficiency suggestions  (also drawing approval)

Question asked by Joseph Ankers on Oct 11, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2010 by Devon Sowell

This is my Current workflow for a part Just Want to see if anyone has any advance on how to make it smoother/quicker.


As Designer


Select Part

Right click - take ownership

Right click - Change Lifecycle from "released" to "under change"

Right click - Open/checkout to Temp work folder on Desktop

Make Changes to Part/Assem

Save back into Temp folder.

Clean Temp folder (which checks in Document)

Then Check in the Docs that are of higher revision

In the "check in dialog" select "add note" and write discription of change

Document automatically Turns to "engineer " ownership

Lifecycle Automatically Changes to "under Approval"



As Engineer


(using Solid works Viewer)

Open Vault

Search Status = under approval to see all documents awaiting approval

View document

Open Life cycle and Select "Approved"

Document Then Automatically Goes to Read only for "ALL"

*if Lifecycle "reject" is chosen Pre rejection Add note. with reasons on.



As Designer


to release Select Lifecycle Release

Document Is Read only For all.


If Rejected Make Changes and repeat




Also do people generally only Send "Drawings" for approval not models or parts.

(I know this makes sense but just checking)


Final Question, im still trying to find a away for Drawings to update after a model is checked in.