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part equations driven by assembly equations

Question asked by Eric Kolar on Oct 9, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2010 by Mauricio Martinez-Saez

I am trying to create a "template" file of an assembly built from subassemblies. I have found that you can drive a part equation by referencing the parent assembly and love this feature but I am have two major issues.


1: when setting the parent assembly equation values they only carry down one level automatically. I have to open each subassembly and then the child component part to get them to update. Is there a way to get the changes to carry down automatically?


2: once I "save as" and change the parent assemblies file name the referenced equations do not follow the new file name, so I am forced to open each child component assembly and part and modify the equation manually. Is there a way to save the file so that the child component equations follow the new parrent assembly instead of the originally referenced parent assembly?

Any help on this would make my life much more streamlined.


If you need more clarification of what I am attempting to say, here is an example equation that I am using in the child component part:


this is where PARENTFILE.SLDASM is the top level assembly and D3@Sketch15 is a sketch line in a weldment for a child component. This only auto rebuilds for one layer of subassembly, I have to manually open each sub layer and rebuild at that level to get the top level assembly to rebuild. Also, when the PARENTFILE is renamed OTHERFILE how do I get the child component to update to "D3@Sketch15"= "CUTOUTSPACING@OTHERFILE.SLDASM"?