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    Perforated Plate in Ductwork - Flow Simulation

    Eric Rasmussen

      I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way which utilizes the perforated plate function within Flow, to run a simulation showing air flow thru a perforated plate which is inside of a piece of ductwork?  From what I am seeing, the only way you can assign a particular surface the properties of a perf plate, is to have it be either designated as a fan or environment pressure first... neither of which are accurate assumptions in this case. My preferred output would be to show air diffusion (on both sides of the perf) within the duct as well as any pressure differential on the system.


      Thanks for any thoughts you may have

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          Bill McEachern

          the perf plate function only works on a BC.


          The easiest way, and it is pretty easy, just build yourself a little wind tunnel in Flow sim and stick say a 4 x 4 array of you perforated plate. Compute a pressure drop vs. flow rate characteristic over the range of velocities of interest - you would need at least 3 points and it should look parabolic and then you can put in a porous media element to replace the plate. IN order to be conservative in generating cells you can make the porous media thicker than the actual plate but with the same properties.