Routing in lightweight?  not possible here.

Discussion created by Guest on Feb 15, 2006
on 2006 15 00:03 Todd Mayer wrote:
> Why is routing in lightweight mode not possible? I was told to try this to
> increase performance, but the Cpoints do not show up unless the fittings are
> resolved. In 2005 I would double click on the fitting to resolve it and then
> click the Cpoint (when it showed up, another issue) but 2006 doesn't allow you
> to resolve a fitting while editing the route. Will this be changed back to the
> usability of 2005?

Hi Todd,

I wasn't aware of this regression. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to resolve the component while editing the route. We will have to take a look at this.

The reason components have to be resolved is rather complex. We do plan to address this so that the CPoints are available in a lightweight component but I'm afraid I can't promise when.

Development Manager - Routed systems.