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Does anybody knows how to fix an imported part that contains error icone yellow exclamation mark at feature tree, if the link has been lost ?

Question asked by Robert Cruz on Oct 8, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2010 by Brian Hoerner

I encountered some "Imported"parts indicating an error propagating through my assemblies, and when back to the part all I have is an imported part with an yellow icone exclamation mark indicating an error ...all I could do was check the part itself with the functionality  under TOOLS > CHECK ... So I run and was given the faces that had a problem ..It did show a window "Check Entity" and running Check I got a result List only.but not the solution for fixing it ...Doe any body knows how to fix using other advanced techniques or SW tools ?




1. Also I had the bottom box in the WINDOW "Check Entity" teeling me " 4 general fault(s) found. No Invalid edges/faces found.

2. At the result List i got: Face-face inconsistent 4x.


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Robert Cruz