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Toolbox missing configurations

Question asked by David Elms on Oct 8, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2010 by James Achard

Toolbox issue that I hope can get some help on...


When a various files are taken out of PDM vault, some Toolbox parts have lost their pointer to it's particular configuration. The parts are shown in the base (standard) size. No error message or dialog box asking to re-create it. This doesn't happen with every file and is not version or date saved dependant.



We have found a work around, which isn't a solution to our issue nor very time efficient.

Open the assembly and place the type of missing toolbox part into the assembly. Doesn't have to relate to anything. Doesn't have to be the correct size, just the same type. Save file and close. Re-load file and delete toolbox item. Suddenly all the missing configurations for that type of part are correct again.


Checked with VAR and they checked with SolidWorks but no solution....




SW 2008 x64 SP4