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    offset failure

      Any Idea?


      SW2010 SP4.0

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          Trong Nguyen

          did you select the select chain in the offset entities properties? you don't have to select each one, if you want to offset the whole chain, you can do as I show.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            How are you selecting the edges to be offset?


            Is the inner white area a face or a hole?

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              I figured it out... funky model from a vendor.


              The corner's are made up from a bazillion nasty splines the guy did. The other corners are made up of arc's in his original solid - they offset normally.


              Seems that when they translate out from Pro-E or whatever to STEP/IGES/ACIS they sometime's have issues.


              It's a view of an edge feature - the white is open.  Me no use the fancy pants backgrounds. I'm an old SW user from 1996. I like the good 'ol white.


              I'm not one for modeling on a conference table backdrop...