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    mesh fails for some parts

    Eric Baack

      So the same assembly that I'm working on in another thread about having to define material properties is giving me fits with the meshing as well.  There are 2 components that are just a different configuration of an extrusion used elsewhere that it randomly decides sometimes that it can't mesh.  It says the surface mesh is successful but volume mesh fails.  This is something that I've run into in the past and sometimes is fixed by applying mesh controls but this really swells up the size of the mesh overall.  Is there something I can do to keep this from happening?

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          Eric Baack

          I have a simulation that meshed and ran nicely a couple of times yesterday but since then it is taking forever to run the simulation.  Then it gets near the end and I get some error message about pre-conditioner failing.


          It says:


          The iterative solver stopped.


          No result saved


          So the few times that I've been able to get the model to mesh, it won't run.  I had it run yesterday a couple of times and had it close to my FOS of 2 on the weldment, but I added a gusset plate and now it won't run.