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    "Please define elastic modulus in material properties"

    Eric Baack

      I'm trying to run a stress analysis on a steel weldment (built as an assembly out of some extrusions) and I get the simulation set up to run, but when I run it I get the error message: "Please define Elastic modulus in material properties"  I have assigned all of the steel with the "plain carbon steel" material that is set within the simulation software and it ran earlier but just seems to have decided to stop working.  I don't know if I did anything to cause this or if it is some interesting "feature" within the software but I'm definitely getting frustrated with it.  I looked at the material and the elastic modulus is defined.  Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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          Anthony Botting

          Yes we've been running into similar problems. Our remedy to ourselves and customers (so far) has been to try 1) Use "Duplicate" command to make a new study. Save. Delete the original study. Save. Close down SW. Re-start SW and try again, or 2) Create a new study and drag and drop the bits and pieces from original study to the new one. Save. Delete the original study. Save. close down SW and re-open and try again. For your particular case (if either of the first two don't work): in a new study - assign the default alloy steel. Save. Run. Swap steel material to the plain carbon steel. Save. Try a re-run (emphasis on the "save" command at every point where you many be forced to re-define something if it goes down). Hope this helps. - Tony

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              Brian Kent

              I finally solved it, after trying the various other suggestions, all of which failed.  I tried what Anthony suggested:   duplicating the study, and re-starting SW.  I also tried Beth’s suggestion.


              I had isolated the handful of parts with custom material definitions that were causing the error by excluding from the analysis all of the suspect parts, and then including each one of them--one-by-one--and doing the “Mesh and Run”.  I thus determined that two of the five custom material parts did not cause the error, while three other similar ones did—even though the three failing parts had material definitions that were very similar to those of the successful ones. 


              Finally, this worked:
              I closed SW, and restarted it, without the Simulation add-in enabled.  I edited each of the parts that were causing the error by right-mouse clicking on the Material and selecting “Remove Material”.  Then, I edited the material by copying the original material definition from the Category, and then pasting it back into the Category (upon which the new material has the same name as the original, with the text “ (2)“ appended as a suffix), and Applying the duplicate material to the part.  After all three of the failing parts were thus redefined, I enabled the add-in, and was able to successfully mesh and run.


              Apparently, there is something about names of the three materials that was causing the failure.

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              Randy Miller

              I've run into the same issue.  It happened to me when I added a new part/material.  Try editing the new material, selecting any other material, applying, then going back to the original material you want, applying, then closing material library.  This seems to refresh the material properties and I can run the study.  Also, if this doesn't work then perhaps materials also need refreshing.  If your part count is low then you could refresh all the materials in this same manner.  Good luck.

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                Tom Perry

                I got this message while trying to solve a model with a surface used to model a composite material.

                I got past the message by applying a material to the part I was using the surface from.


                IOW, I had applied a material in a study to a surface of a part.  But I had not applied a material to the part itself (under model).  When I applied a material to the part, the error went away. 


                As far as I can tell, the material applied to the part did not affect my simulation study.

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                  James Chester

                  I was told by my VAR today (I have run into this problem today) and is because of the way that SW changed the DATA STRUCTURE in early 2011.  See SPR#596170.  All the materials should pull from the same database period.  I am now finding out that when I change the yield in the Materials Database that the FOS is not updated properly in the plots.  I believe this is part of the same problem with the materials NOT being updated in the simulation properly.  I Hope somebody from Solidworks is listening.

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                    Beth Pavlik

                    I figured it out.  When you're in the simulation study tab at the bottom, you have to define the material in the study tree NOT the model tree.  The study tree has the name of the study at the top followed by parts, connections, fixtures, etc.  Expand the parts category, then right click your part, then click "Apply material to all bodies".  Do this for all parts.

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                      Shanmugasundaram Selvadurai

                      This might popup due to two reasons. 1) missing material properties in the custom materials list. 2) assigned material properties not updated for the study.


                      Solution :  If the solidworks file have many assembly components, try updating the material properties manually for few parts in the study and update all the components by right clicking the study name.